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"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart; who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens."

— Carl Jung

Harriett maintains a diverse business that includes coaching individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives; as well as mentoring and coaching experienced coaches and people new to the coaching field. She also provides corporate coaching services in conjunction with the Pyramid Resource Group, Inc., a premier corporate coaching company based in Cary, N.C.

As a mentor coach certified by Coach U and Coachville, Harriett has helped launch the careers of hundreds of highly qualified coaches. Harriett enjoys working with beginning coaches as they develop their own unique coaching styles and build their unique businesses. She also works with experienced coaches to attain advanced personal development.

Here are comments from individuals who have worked with Harriett:

"An alchemist as much as a coach…"

"Harriett is as much an alchemist as she is a coach. She has the capacity to see and sense those gold nuggets within her clients. Her coaching has allowed me to uncover my true potential by clearing away obstacles that had previously stopped me. She doesn't just listen to me. She possesses an agility that allows her to climb behind my words and sense what is really going on.

— C.J., Corporate Trainer, Rhode Island

"I've been able to move to new levels in my life…"

"Harriett has a special gift for coaching. She has supported me in my personal and professional development - sharing her wisdom and truth in ways that touch my soul. With Harriett as my coach, I've been able to move to new levels in my life and am rediscovering parts of me that have been long forgotten! Harriett is a model for what a master coach is and I am truly grateful for her presence in my world."

— H.L., Coach & Corporate Trainer, Las Vegas, Nevada










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