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Harriett has worked successfully with a broad range of men and women in a wide variety of industries. Here are comments from a few of her clients who have worked with Harriett to propel themselves to new levels of success:

"I am truly amazed at what we have accomplished…"

"I hired Harriett Simon Salinger as my coach over a year ago, and I am truly amazed at what we have accomplished to date. I have my finances and my career back on track, my relationship with my father has been transformed, and I am so much more confident and self-aware. In short, I have never been happier!! Harriett is the wisest and most supportive person I know, and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who is ready to create more success and fulfillment in his or her life."

— R.V., Workshop Leader, New Jersey

"Truly a gift"

"Among Harriett's credentials are included the letters M.C.C. (Master Certified Coach) and indeed she is a master(ess)! Consistently, Harriett has listened and effortlessly, professionally, delightfully (she loves to laugh!) guided me back to a reconnection with my true self. Through our work together over a 2 1/2 year period, I have practiced and come to recognize the pathways to my deeper self such that I can choose to live from my heart, always. This is truly a gift!"

— LM, Massachusetts

"Helped me discover my purpose in life"

"Harriett has helped me handle the niggly things that kept me from connectingwith myself and others. We accomplished this by examining the every day struggles in my work and life. Some the issues that I've handled include: my need to be right, my clogged heart, limiting beliefs about myself identity, mechanistic ideas about how I should perform, fear of the unknown, impatience with the learning curve of starting my business, and on. As a result, I discovered my purpose in life and wake up everyday feeling energize and at peace with what's ahead. Thanks to you Harriett, my life is now an adventure celebrating the pleasure, learning and deep connection that is possible when you live in love."

— KT, North Carolina Coach/ Biz Owner

"Challenged my very purpose for living "

"I hired a coach when I left corporate to start my own business in 1997. Never did I realize how much board room dust was weighing down my creativity until I met Harriett Simon-Salinger, a weekly phone appointment that challenged my very purpose for living. One doesn't need a mission statement and a website to start a business; one needs a good heart cleaning! I was lucky. I got the right heart-keeper."

— SS, New York City

"She's the best!"

"Having Harriett Simon Salinger as my personal coach has moved me dramatically closer to my goals. Just as acting coaches and athletic coaches use their expertise to spur their charges on to better performances, Harriet's uncanny perceptiveness and intuition clear the way for me to be more successful and live life. She's the best!"

— G.L., Freelance copywriter, author and actress, NYC

"Gentle, wise, smart, funny…incredibly intuitive!"

"Harriett is gentle, wise, smart, funny, and incredibly intuitive. I get to take the lead. She never pushes me further than I am willing to go, but I have the feeling that is because she holds the space for me to go most any place. What a gift!"

— M.S., Miami, FL

"Her edge is definitely soft…"

"Harriett's style fits her perfectly - WiseWoman Coaching. She supports me in my growth with compassion, love and, always, humor. Her edge is definitely soft as she calls me on the lies I tell myself and allows me to shine my own light on the path I'm walking..."

— L.H., Nevada

"Gets to the heart of whatever I bring…"

"Harriett gets to the heart of whatever I bring to the call, wrapped with a warm sense of humor and topped with a bow of spirituality; I have grown tremendously with Harriett's coaching."

— A.D., Maryland

"Warm, accepting, easy, light"

"Harriett helps her clients to identify and work on the underlying paradigms that shape their lives, rather than on surface issues. She does so in a way that is warm, accepting, easy, light. The result is that clients are able to make major shifts, in a way that is effortless and fluid."

— P.J., Canada

"Subtle, patient, unobtrusive"

"Harriett's coaching style is like deep sea exploration. She puts on whatever gear you offer her, dives down with you and watches for how you work, what you turn over, what you might have missed, when your tank is low, and what she senses is just over there. She's subtle, patient, un-intrusive but incisive. She insists that it's YOUR expedition"

— E.A., Massachusetts

"Brings out the sacred in me"

"Harriett has an amazing ability to coach with deep compassion and acceptance, while modeling where unwavering intention can move us. She has led me on many journeys and held my hand along the way. Harriett's coaching style brings out the sacred in me as I go deeper into the present moment."

— B.B., Oregon

"Caring, supportive, affirming… "

"Caring, hugely supportive and affirming, full of humor with a great ability to put things in perspective AND really big on getting to "What's the TRUTH behind the stuff."

— M.B., Florida





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