A Letter from Harriett


"In the coaching relationship we center on the mystery, not the history."

— Harriett Simon Salinger

Choosing a coach, personal consultant, spiritual director, or mentor is an intensely personal decision. Whomever you choose, it's important that your he or she shares your values.

Harriett Simon Salinger offers a unique type of counsel and companionship. Dubbed the “The Wise Woman” by clients, friends, and colleagues, Harriett has spent a lifetime in service to others, growing into that identity: first, as a clinical social work psychotherapist for 32 years; next as a Master Certified Coach for more than 15 years; and most recently as a professionally-trained Spiritual Director.

Accordingly, Harriett invites you to learn more about her philosophy and background — it's her gift to you.

Dear Friend,

Offering coaching, personal consulting, spiritual direction, and mentoring to others is the richest privilege in my life. It is also my gift. I truly hold that the joy of life becomes real and tangible when we no longer have to live in the shadow of who we really are.

For me, your life is interesting in its own complexity, simplicity, and color.

Most of my clients come to me at a time when they know that they need to somehow change their story, reweave or find their own voice, or change in some way the patterns of their life.

Perhaps they're not as successful as they'd like to be — perhaps they're curious about what is hidden from them, what they cannot yet see in their lives.

Whatever the issue, it is my privilege to work with clients to re-examine their lives, to unlock new perspectives and see new realities that have been previously hidden from them.

This is an evolution of my life's work and experience. Over the past 35+ years, I have worked with the widest possible range of people, both in the U.S. and abroad. My experience as a psychotherapist, my training and experience as an executive coach, personal consultant, and spiritual director, plus my life experiences, have given me the ability to see beyond the obvious. I use my wisdom to assist clients in recognizing and implementing their wisdom.

My style includes deliberate straight talk, laughter, and committed purposeful action. My colleagues and clients know me affectionately as "The Wise Woman." That description means that it is my style to assist men and women to find their wisdom. I am challenging and compassionate, empathic and direct. I will always start where you are, have you embrace that place, and move to where you want to be. I am trustworthy and trusting.

I work well with clients who tell the truth to the best of their ability, are willing to look at their limiting beliefs, self-created limitations, and permit change to happen.

Your life is a testament to who you are and how you live. I invite you to ask yourself, "Am I ready to live more fully than ever before?"


Harriett Simon Salinger







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