Some consider life a journey. Others think of it as a game.
To Harriett Simon Salinger, life is a richly woven tapestry.

Harriett says this about her work:

I partner with you to unlock the wisdom that's already inside you. As a guide, I'll show you how to use your intuition for achieving your personal and professional dreams. Our life's tapestry is a testament to who we are and how we live. Everyone's tapestry is different. We owe it to ourselves to live authentically and to determine our own texture.

A highly respected executive coach, personal consultant, spiritual director, and mentor, Harriett invites you to weave your passions into a fully satisfying life. Harriett provides a collaborative and supportive atmosphere one in which you discover new perspectives for personal and professional change, and learn the right action for walking your unique path of development.

Dubbed the "WiseWoman" by clients, friends, and colleagues, Harriett has spent a lifetime in service to others, growing into that identity: first, as a clinical social work psychotherapist for 32 years; next as a Master Certified Coach for more than 15 years; and most recently as a professionally-trained Spiritual Director.




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