Put the Personal Back in Your Personal Ad


"I am staring at the dating service page that asks me to sum up my life, my joys, my disappointments. Then, a bolt of lightning—Harriett Salinger to the rescue! She has the ability to distill my essence from random thoughts and clues. She sees what someone might be looking for. She knows what to say. Genius! Call her!"

— AD HR, Bay Area California

Do you want to attract someone interested in the real you and not some fictional character you've made up?

How much is finding this "right" person worth to you?

Harriett Simon Salinger believes that someone out there deserves you . . . and that you deserve him or her. What's been missing is a process through which you can discover and reveal the essence of who you are to the rest of the world.

Enter Harriett. Uniquely qualified as a seasoned, Master Certified Coach and consultant, Harriett offers select clients a unique type of counsel and companionship. She guides you to discover and communicate the truth of what you really want and who you really are. She does not "allow" you to pretend to be something or somebody else.

In her proven three-hour process, Harriett asks you to be serious, be real, and to have fun. Together, you craft your personal ad, focusing on the beauty of who you are . . . and then you welcome the results.

"From the first time we spoke, I felt (Harriett’s) attention, interest, and evident desire to help. Our instant collaboration produced such good results. I can’t thank you enough."
— PD, Attorney, New Jersey

"You do more than 'put the personal back in your personal ad.' . . . In this rush hour world of trying to connect via the Internet superhighway, you genuinely reflect what is closer in the mirror than it appears; and during your interview, you magically enter the inner sanctum of the soul in order to access the essence of what can activate the law of attraction for each individual. . . . Your personal profiles move single drivers directly into the ‘two or more’ carpool lane of love, allowing them to arrive at their destination via a most expeditious, authentic, and transforming journey . . ."
— TT JD, Southern California

"Harriett helped me to see what I want in a man and in a relationship. She coached me, kicking and screaming, to see what I offer. We wrote and posted and I'm having fun."
— AD Pharm.D. Southern California

Harriett works only with those individuals who demonstrate an ability to be vulnerable and to tell the truth about what they truly desire and what it is they have to offer others. If this is you, call Harriett today at (310) 855-8045 or send email to her at harriett@hssalinger.com.




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